UK No Win No Fee Criminal Injury Compensation Claim Solicitors

Criminal injury compensation claim solicitors are specialists who deal with compensation claims for physical and mental trauma caused as a result of a violent attack. Most Criminal injury compensation claim solicitors use a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) (no win no fee) which are completely risk-free for the client. If for any reason your application is not successful, you will not be required to pay legal charges. Most criminal injury compensation claim solicitors will not ask you to fund or finance any part of your claim during the process. If your claim is unsuccessful, legal fees incurred will simply be written off by the lawyer who is independent of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority CICA).

No win no fee criminal injury claims first came into existence in UK in 1998 at which time solicitors were first allowed to use a CFA and charge a percentage of the amount recovered in a compensation claim, but more importantly, for the first time they were also allowed to write off their legal fees if the case was lost. At the same time as the introduction of the CFA, the Legal Aid Board discontinued public funding of most personal injury claims except those for medical negligence for qualifying applicants. This has meant that most claims for personal injury, not just CICA claims, are dealt with using a CFA.

Following a successful claim, the CICA pays a fixed sum based on a tariff scheme whereby every type of injury is given a value within one of 25 different bands. The CICA will pay for the three most serious injuries in any one claim but applies percentage reductions for the second and third most serious injury. The CICA is entitled to consider the applicants character and behavior before, during and after the attack and can reduce or refuse compensation if it is inappropriate for the victim to be compensated from public funds.

The CICA does NOT pay for any legal or professional fees incurred in the recovery of compensation. If a claim is successful and compensation is recovered the charges for dealing with a no win no fee criminal injury claim is usually in the region of 25% of the total amount recovered as compensation from the CICA. If the claim fails, a no win no fee solicitor will make no charge at all. Most solicitors who make an application for appeal we still only charge the basic 25% in the event of a successful outcome.

If you instruct a criminal injury solicitor to act on your behalf, you will receive expert advice on personal injury compensation claims. You will be told up front what your chances of success are and what the anticipated value of your claim will be and when you can expect settlement. A lawyer can give a close approximation of the value of your claim based on the CICA tariff scheme after consideration of your injuries. Most lawyers have a client centered approach which means they will focus entirely on your needs and will provide committed expert representation, ensuring you receive fair and equitable compensation for your injuries. You will receive a complete professional service from an expert who specialises in claiming damages for physical and mental trauma.